Frequency Rooms

Hundreds of studios for electronic dance music are spread across Berlin like a hidden network. In the seclusion of basements, garages, old factory floors, warehouses, shared rooms or magnificent lofts are created sounds and beats that make tens of thousands around the world dance and celebrate in clubs and at festivals. The photographic work takes a visual journey through these spaces intended primarily for the ears. What emerges is a portrait of this scene that is as lively as it is largely unknown. Including the studios of Alva Noto, Cinthie, Gudrun Gut, Modeselektor, Ricardo Villalobos, Frank Wiedemann and many others. (Ongoing project).

Berlin Recordings

 Berlin Recordings is a long term project (2015-2021) on memory and photographic process. To “record" has the same origin of the italian word “ricordare” (to remember) , from Latin “recordari” (remember, call to mind) composed by “re-“ (back, again) + “cor” (heart), as the metaphoric seat of memory (as in learn by heart). A “record” on film or sensor is the essential part of the photographic process. This fixation of the image, contrary to the natural flow of reality, makes a photograph able to recall the direct experience and the feeling of that particular moment. In that sense photography would be fixation/obsession of reality. Exactly as memory. This could evolve into a recurring theme or a motif as in music. This melodic image (photography/feeling) and its model (reality/experience) keep hunting the photographer like a double "idée fixe".

Cinema Du Desert

In Burkina Faso in 2018, I documented the "CinemArena" caravan, which educates on the dangers of irregular migration through itinerant cinema. "Cinema du Desert" highlights the allure of cinema in rural areas, drawing parallels between the fascination with the screen and the allure of Europe. The concept originated from Davide Bertot and Francesca Truzzi, travelers and NGO workers, who introduced film screenings during expeditions to Mali. Supported by the Italian NGO "Bambini nel Deserto," the idea was integrated into the A.I.C.S. program to raise awareness on migration risks in Burkina Faso. In March 2018, the caravan visited 18 rural villages in the Tenkodogo Province, engaging over 10 thousand people with screenings and discussions on migration. Viewers witnessed the harsh realities of migration through interviews, photos, and videos, dispelling myths perpetuated by traffickers. Cultural mediators facilitated discussions, emphasizing the importance of community and discouraging dangerous journeys. Link to photos