Gero Cacciatore (b. 1974) is an Italian photographer who focuses on long-term projects, particularly with an interest in urban landscapes. Recurring themes in his work include architecture, identity, memory, and the meaning of the photographic process. He studied philosophy in his hometown of Turin and worked as an assistant to Giovanni Gastel in Milan before opening a studio specializing in fashion still-life photography. He has captured images for catalogues and advertising campaigns for fashion brands such as Borsalino, C.P. Company, Fay, Hogan, Stone Island, and Tod’s. Between 2015 and 2022, he produced the series “Berlin Recordings,” which serves as both a visual diary and a study of the photographic medium. Since 2021, he has been photographing the most important electronic music studios in Berlin. Gero currently resides in Moneglia (Genoa).